13kg Patio Gas

13kg Patio Gas

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13kg Patio Gas by Calorgas

This Calor Gas cylinder is compatible with many different outdoor appliances, and comes fitted with Calor's Gas Trac indicator, which warns you when you're running low. It is compatible with Patio Gas regulators, Propane clip-on regulators and Euro caravan regulator adaptors.

Features & Benefits:
Colour: green
Capacity: 13kg (Patio gas®)
Height: 580mm approx
Diameter: 315mm approx
Rec. offtake: 15kw approx
Tare weight: 13-20kg (empty)
Gross weight: 25-35kg (full)
Regulator: low pressure 27mm clip on fitting.

Please Note:
These prices are for refill only. In order to purchase a refill, you must firstly hire a gas bottle and complete a cyliner refill agreement. An empty cylinder is required when purchasing a refill.
Please visit instore for further details.