Api Monthly Care 50g

Api Monthly Care 50g

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API Monthly Care 50g

Complete all-in-one product for improving and simplifying the effectiveness of the monthly aquarium water change.

All-in-one Care Pack: Contains everything necessary to keep aquatic environment clean & healthy.
No measuring – Just Pour! Pre-measured monthly water treatments in a single dose format.
Simplifies aquarium maintenance, keeps aquarium clean & clear.
Makes tap water safe for fish.
Ideal for fish owners with a 10 gallon aquarium (or smaller).

Monthly Care contains 4 different aquarium treatments, each provided in single dose formats. To maintain a healthy aquarium, it’s important to change the water and treat it monthly. Monthly Care makes it easy. Simply make a 25% water change, then add the contents of each of the 4 enclosed packets. Monthly Care makes tap water safe for fish, reduces harmful ammonia and nitrite, and keeps the aquarium clean and clear.

Stress Coat to make tap water safe.
Quick Start to reduce harmful ammonia & nitrite.
Accu-Clear to clear cloudy water.
Stress Zyme to keep the aquarium clean.

Directions: Empty contents of one packet each of Stress Coat, Quick Start, Stress Zyme and Accu-Clear into the aquarium, after making a 25% water change. Use monthly.

Please Note:
Only one supplied.