Above Ground Pool Chem Cartridge

Above Ground Pool Chem Cartridge

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Prior to using this product, adjust the pH level to the ideal range of 7.2 - 7.6 to promote bather comfort, pool plant protection and effective chemical use. The chlorine tablets in the dispenser will slowly erode over a period of 3 - 5 weeks depending on the water flowing over them. As this dispenser releases chlorine relatively slowly, it may be necessary to shock dose or oxidise prior to use, to first establish some chlorine more rapidly. Ideal free chlorine levels to text for and maintain are 1 - 3 mg/l (ppm).

The Ultimate Floating Dispenser is pre-filled with stabilised chlorine tablets which slowly dissolve over a 3 - 5 week period. This makes the dispenser invaluable if you are unable to dose your swimming pool on a regular basis or whilst you are away on holiday.

Ideal free chlorine range: 1 - 3mg/l (ppm)

Application Instructions
As these dispensers release chlorine relatively slowly, it may be ncecessary to shock dose the pool with chlorine prior to their use to establish a chlorine level more rapidly.

1. Remove the perforated section of the lable marked with 'tear here' and also remove the two security seals.
2. Choose your 'setting' and therefore the rate at which the dispenser doses chlorine, simply by gripping the base of the dispenser and rotating the head to expose the holes in the cut out area.
3. 720g Dispenser - As a guide (only) use x small setting for pools up to 3,000 gallons and small setting for pools above 3,000 gallons.
4. If free chlorine levels are outside the recommended 1 - 3mg/l (ppm) range, then adjust the base to a lower or higher setting.
5. Place the floater in an upright position in the pool and hold for a few seconds until the cartridge fills with water before releasing to float on the pool surface. Do not submerge the dispenser completely or block the vent holes.
6. The dispenser will tip over on its side when the contents have dissolved. A tilting dispenser is an indication that the dispenser will need replacing soon and chlorine level output is reducing.

PLEASE NOTE: Always read the application instructions on the packaging before each use

Size/Pack Size: 720g.