Acriflavin 500ml

Acriflavin 500ml

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Acriflavin 500ml by Cloverleaf

Cloverleaf Acriflavine Answer

A stronger treatment for use when being troubled by persistent problems of red wounds, open ulcers, blotches on the body and fin-rot.
Can be applied up to 3 times as a course of treatment leaving 7 days between each application. Use above 10¡c and below 30¡c. Do not repeat a course of treatment for 10days or use other medications.

Damage cause: Accidental when breeding, attacked by heron, sudden disturbance
Symptoms: reddish scrapping on body of fish, large open wound, missing scales.

Fin and tail rot cause: BacteriaSymptoms: blood streaking and rotting away reddish tips to effected area.