Autumn is a critical time in the lawn care calendar because your lawn needs to be prepared to make it through the long, cold winter months.


If Autumn leaves are left on your lawn for too long they will rot down on top of the grass releasing pathogens and potentially causing disease.

Keep on top of these fallen leaves using a leaf rake to get them together; don’t forget to compost your garden waste!


Grass will be growing much more slowly in the Autumn months compared to Spring and Summer so you may need to adjust your mower settings to cut the grass at a higher level.

Killing Weeds & Moss

Aftercut Autumn All In One is a Weed and Feed which has been specially formulated for the colder Autumn months.

Wait until the moss has turned black, which should happen about 2 weeks after treatment, and remove them with a garden rake.

Feeding & Conditioning

Once again, the use of Aftercut Autumn All In One will provide your lawn with enough feed for these colder Autumn months.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones are a great way to protect your lawn on those heavily trodden paths, and now is a great time to think about placing some before the lawn gets more delicate in Winter.

Sowing a New Lawn

Autumn is a great time to sow a new lawn as the soil is still warm from Summer and combined with the Autumn rain this provides the ideal growing conditions.