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Api Perfect Start

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Api Perfect Start

The primary challenge in the fish industry is not how to get new aquarists in the hobby. People buy new tanks every day.
The issue is to keep people successful in the hobby. Half of the new aquarists give up after 6 months.

API PERFECT START is a completely new, unique aquarium starter program that:
Educates aquarists from the start in which fish care products are essential by providing clear and easy-to-read instructions.
Guarantees your customers’ success, thereby keeping them in the hobby and encouraging them to return to your store.
Delivers the efficacy of API’s most popular products such as STRESS COAT, STRESS ZYME and QUICK START (by providing over a 1-month supply of aqaurium products)

DAY 1 -Make Tap Water Safe - Stress Coat Removes chlorine & chloramines and detoxifies heavy metals
Start The Nitrogen Cycle - Quick Start is scientifically proven to speed the development of the biological filter and reduce exposure of fish to ammonia and nitrite
Introduce Fish Safely - Stress Coat & Aquarium Salt Stress Coat is scientifically proven to reduce fish stress by 40% which helps minimise susceptibility to disease and infection. Aquarium Salt supplies the essential electrolytes fish need to help them breathe easier and remain healthy.

DAY 14 - Educate on Water Change Through Easy Instructions
Prevent ammonia spike and fish death - Ammo Lock works instantly and is scientifically proven to protect fish cells against ammonia. Continue Treating the Water

DAY 28 - Keep The Tank Clean - Stress Zyme - is scientifically proven to be highly effective controlling sludge build up in the aquarium. Educate on Filtration Maintenance Through Easy Instructions. Give Guidance on the Next Steps with the API Water Care app & API Easy Care Guide

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