Sowing lawn seed is a cost-effective way of getting yourself a brand new lawn and is more simple to do than you may think.

You can get a variety of lawn seeds, if you are unsure which seed would work best for you and your garden area then give our Garden Department a call on 01980 611116 for some advice.
It is best to sow your Lawn Seed in Spring between March and May.

Step 1: Preparation

Clear the Area.

The soil in the area in question needs to be completely clear of weeds, plants and debris

If you need to use a weedkiller on the area, take note of how much time you need to allow before sowing your lawn seed.

Prepare the Ground

You need to dig over the soil in the area to break down any existing clumps; be sure to take out any roots or large stones to leave the soil completely clear.

You then need to firm the surface, by either using a roller or by walking over the area.

To ensure a level surface you can rake over the area in multiple directions.

If you wanted to, now would be the time to add a 3-4cm layer of top soil.

Once applied, the area then needs to be raked again to maintain a level surface.

Step 2: Sowing


Different lawn seeds may have different rates of application so be sure to read the packaging of your selected lawn seed carefully before sowing.

You need to sprinkle the lawn seed over the area at the required rate – doing this in multiple directions can help to achieve a uniform and even spread of the seed.

Then lightly rake over the surface in order to mix the seed and soil slightly.

The surface now needs to be firmed again, this can be done using a light roller or you can walk over the area as before.

Your new lawn needs to be watered thoroughly.

This needs to be done with a fine spray to avoid puddles forming and the seed being washed away.

Try using a watering can with a fine rose, a sprinkler or a hose with a fine attachment.

Step 3: Caring

A newly sown lawn needs to be watered thoroughly on a daily basis until established.

If it is hot, wait until the sun has gone down in order to avoid scorching your nice new lawn!

First Mow

The first time you mow your lawn should be when it is 5-8cm long and DRY.

Have your mower on the highest setting to avoid damaging your lawn’s new roots!