Spring is a great time to feed and condition your lawn, kill moss and weeds and begin mowing after the long winter months.

If you want to, now is also a good time to sow new lawn seed either to help with patchy lawns or to start a completely new lawned area.


Your grass will begin to grow much more rapidly as the weather warms up but you need to be careful when it comes to mowing your lawn.

– Do not mow your lawn if the soil is very wet.

– Do not cut the grass if there is frost or snow on the ground.

Be gentle with the first few cuts of the season, making sure just to trim the top third of growth.
You can then allow your lawn to recover for a few days before cutting again on a lower blade setting.

During Spring you may only need to cut your lawn every few weeks.

Killing Weeds and Moss

After the winter months you may notice a lot of moss and weeds in your lawn. This causes problems as they use up the vital nutrients and moisture that your grass needs to be healthy.

Aftercut products can be used a few days after mowing in order to make raking the moss out easier.
Resolva Lawn Weedkiller Extra works equally well for smaller patches of affected lawn – although this needs to be used between cuts.

Only use lawn weedkillers as normal weedkillers will kill your lawn

Feeding and Conditioning

Your flowers are not the only plants in your garden that need feeding.

It is best to use lawn feed after you have cut your lawn and removed most of the weeds and moss.

For example, Aftercut 3 Day Green can be applied directly after mowing every 3-4 weeks from March to October

Dealing with Compact Soil

Spring is the perfect time to aerate your lawn whilst the soil is still slightly moist.

Aerating improves the drainage of the soil around the grass roots to help prevent rotting and to encourage healthy growth.

Take note of areas of your lawn that experience heavy foot traffic as these are prone to having compacted soil.

For larger areas of lawn you can purchase a Lawn Aerator however for smaller, problem areas you can use a garden fork, pushing the spikes in to a depth of 7-10cm.

Westland Lawn & Turf Dressing can be placed in the aeration holes in order to add all of the right ingredients that assist in lawn growth.

Repairing your Lawn

Now is the time to repair worn areas and patches on your lawn.

Aftercut Patch Fix is perfect for this job; simply loosen the soil, remove all the weeds and moss, treat patch with the Aftercut Patch Fix and add top soil if necessary.