Once winter has been left behind, spring is a great time to start doing some maintenance on your pond. Here are some helpful tips to help ensure healthy fish and plants:

Check All Equipment:
Now is a good time to check that all electrical equipment is in good working order.
It is also a good idea to replace filter media pads and to test your UV filter.


Over the winter, dead leaves may have fallen into the pond and created a build-up of debris.
Spring is a good time to get a pond vacuum to remove this – these can be hired to save money.

When topping up the pond it is best to add de-chlorinator to the water so as not to shock the fish.

Fish Care:
It is wise to have a look at your fish after the winter in order to check their health.
A good way to do this is to net them one at a time and place them in a sure container with some pond water.
Have a good look at the fish and make sure that have clear eyes and no damage to their scales or fins.
Please seek expert advice before treating any fish.


Pond fish cannot digest normal pond food unless the water is over 10 Degrees Celsius.

Until the water is up to this temperature it is a good idea to only feed small amounts of wheat germ based food and to try and do this at the warmest part of the day.

Once the water does warm up you will more than likely get an algae bloom – this is normal!
You can add floating plants to create less surface area which will assist in controlling the algae.