Your lawn should be growing well in the early summer months, by mowing frequently it will help the lawn to stay thick and lush. This could be up to twice a week in optimum growing conditions.

Remember to check your mower is in top condition and ensure that the blades are sharp to get a good clean cut.

Don’t be tempted to cut the lawn too short when it is hot as this can cause damage.

Edging irons or shears can be used to keep lawn edges looking nice and tidy.

Killing Weeds and Moss

Weeds will also be growing well during June and July; acting early will help to control them before they change to seed.

When applying weed treatments it’s always best not to apply to freshly cut grass.
Allow 5 days after cutting and don’t cut again until 3 days after treating.
You can apply Aftercut All In One during Summer if your weeds and moss are persistent

Remember, don’t allow pets or children on treated areas until you have read the guidelines on the packaging.

Feeding & Conditioning

Summer is the perfect time to feed your lawn, you can keep applying Aftercut 3 Day Green directly after mowing every 3-4 weeks until October

This will also protect your lawn against hot, dry weather because a well fed and treated lawn can recover better from periods of drought.


If periods of hot weather occur you will need to water your lawn.

It is best to do this in the evening to avoid the sun scorching the wet grass.

Aim to water thoroughly to ensure roots are not encouraged to the surface and allow the lawn to dry out between watering.

For ease and convenience, you can always set up a sprinkler that can be turned on and off as needed.

If the ground becomes hard, spiking the ground lightly will allow the water to reach the roots easier and reduce the water running off the surface.