Although there is not much to do in regards to lawn care in the Winter months, it is the perfect time to sit down, plan and prepare for the season ahead.


Your grass will stop growing during Winter and so will not require any mowing.

Take a look at your lawn mower and check that it is still in top condition to deal with the coming season.


Make sure that you keep on top of collecting fallen leaves and debris over the Winter period.

However, you want to keep foot traffic to a minimum at this time as your lawn is very delicate during the cold months.

Water Puddles

After periods of heavy rain, look out for any water puddles that appear on your lawn.

This is a sign that the soil in this area is compacted and would benefit from aeration once Spring comes along – simply get a garden fork and lightly spike the ground.

New Lawns

Keep off of newly sown lawns or newly turfed areas!

If a heavy frost lifts new turfs then you can use a heavy roller, during a dry spell, to level them out again.

If you are planning to sow a new lawn in Spring you can dig over the area during Winter. If you leave the soil in clumps on the surface then any frost can break it up.

Looking to sow yourself a new lawn?