Planting, just like the weather, changes over the seasons.

From planting bulbs and sowing seeds to creating winter containers and hanging baskets, they all have the ideal time during the year.

Planting in Spring

Spring is the time when your garden will come back to life and colour after the cold winter months.

To have plants flowering at this time you will have needed to plant Spring Flowering Bulbs in Autumn between August and November.

For more information on how to plant bulbs, see our Bulb Planting Page.

If you missed your oppurtunity to plant Spring Flowering Bulbs, from February/March onwards is the perfect time to plant Summer Flowering Bulbs so it’s not too late to add colour to your garden this year!

For extra colour features in the Summer months, April onwards is a great time to plant up some Hanging Baskets to be dotted around the garden.

Planting in Summer

In Summer your garden should be in full swing! Full of colour and beautiful scents for you to completely enjoy.

To have your garden flowering in Summer you would have had to have planted Summer Flowering Bulbs and created your Hanging Baskets in Spring.

Now is the time to maintain all of your hard work so be sure to keep an eye on those Hanging Baskets throughout the summer!

Whilst sitting back and enjoying your garden during the Summer, spend a little bit of time feeding your plants so that they will last, for your pleasure, all the way to Autumn.

Summer is also when your fruit and vegetable crops will be almost ready to harvest, so don’t forget to keep an eye on them!

For more information on this take a look at our How to sow vegetable seeds page.

Planting in Autumn

Autumn is when it starts to get colder out in the garden so you need to start thinking about protecting your plants from the cold and frost.

It may seem counter intuitive, but Autumn (August – November) is the time to plant your Spring Flowering Bulbs ready for next season.

You can also plant any Autumn/Winter bedding plants that you have to keep some life in your garden as it gets colder.

Autumn is also the time to sow certain vegetables such as Spring Onions, Garlic and Onions as well as planting up your Windowsill Herb Garden.

Planting in Winter

Winter is a very slow season when it comes to planting in your garden, it is more the time to plan what plants, fruit and veg you want to grow in your garden during the upcoming season.

You can pot up some colourful winter containers with hardy plants, such as Pansies, Forget-Me-Nots and Evergreens, to keep your patio and garden nice and bright during these months.

During the cold winter months, don’t forget to feed any wildlife in and around your garden.

Wild birds will appreciate a higher energy bird seed to keep them going when food is scarce.