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Planting Summer Flowering Bulbs

Bulbs are generally low maintenance and will flower each year with little effort, making them a great way to add interest and colour in beds, borders and containers.

To have a vibrant garden this summer, plant summer flowering bulbs in the Spring when the weather starts to warm up. 

Remember, most garden bulbs should be planted as soon as they are bought. You will find summer flowering bulbs such as lilies and dahlias in store from January to April. See our range of summer flowering bulbs here.

When buying bulbs have in mind the soil type and location of where you plan to plant them.

Planting one variety of bulbs in a pot or border ensures they will all flower at the same time maximising the impact of colour.

Planting a mixture of bulbs in one area can produce a great contrast of bold colours. Planting bulbs that flower at different times will give you a succession of flowers all through the summer.

When planting in a border or in a pot, prepare the soil by digging all of the soil from the area to be planted. Mix farmyard manure in to the soil, this will add nutrients to help the bulbs grow strong. Dig individual holes for each bulb or a trench for many bulbs. Place the bulbs in the bottom of the hole, making sure the growing point is pointing upward, cover with a soil and manure mix then press down the soil to firm.

Ensure the bulbs have good drainage, if you have heavy, clay soil you can dig in some coarse sand in to help. Summer bulbs generally like a warm, sunny position.

Water the area well and within a few weeks, the bulbs will begin to root. Keep the soil moist, but not soaking during this time.

Once your bulbs start to shoot feed them every 10 days with high potassium feed and stop feeding when the leaves start to whither.

Once the leaves do whither allow them to die off naturally, then gently cut them off at ground level.

Leave the bulbs in the ground, ready to flower again next year.

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