Measure the Garden Pond Accurately

Using a tape measure, take accurate measurements of the length, width and depth of your water garden pond. If your pond is a strange shape, be sure to measure the deepest, longest and widest parts to get an accurate result. Never round up your measurements as it is much better to purchase a pond liner that is slightly larger than one that is too small to cover the floor of your pond.

What size pond liner should I buy?

Enter the dimensions that represent the longest, widest and deepest dimensions of your pond. This is to ensure that the pond liner covers the required area including some for overlap for the edges of the pond.

The Pond Liner Estimator will automatically add 0.5m to both the length and width as an overlap to secure the liner. This allowance (25cm on each edge) may be reduced if securing under brickwork, or extended for a bog garden edging or beach.

Please note: we strongly recommend you only use these calculations as part of your project planning exercise and strongly advise measuring the final excavated pond profile and overlap (edge dig in) required with a flexible tape measure prior to purchasing the liner.

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