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Lawn Care

Your lawn is just like other plants in your garden, it needs different care at different times of the year. In order to keep your lawn in tip top condition all year round it is best to have a regular feeding, weeding and mowing routine.


Weeds and moss can cause great problems for your lawn as they take up the nutrients and moisture that the grass is depending on. They will flare up at different times of the year, particularly in Spring.

If you want to use a weedkiller to tackle this problem then please ensure that it is a Lawn Weedkiller otherwise you will cause damage to your lawn.

For small problem areas Resolva Lawn Weedkiller Extra is equally as effective.

For larger areas of lawn Aftercut All In One comes in an easy to use spreader to help save you time.

Westlands Aftercut All In One Even-flo Spreader 80sqm

Feeding and Conditioning

Like all other plants, your lawn needs feeding in order to stay in peak condition. Not only does regular feeding establish a healthy, lush and green lawn but it also helps to prevent moss and weeds from taking hold.

Some lawn feed products are best used at specific times of the year, for further advice on which products we recommend take a look at our Seasonal Lawn Care Pages below.

Repairing your lawn

Lawns are easily damaged by foot traffic and/or pets and this can result in unsightly patches.

How to deal with these patches depends on the time of year however it is better to attempt to repair them in the Spring using Aftercut Patch Fix.

If patches are a consistent problem on your lawn due to your pooch urinating, try Dog Rocks in their water bowl to reduce to effect of urine on your lawn.

For more specific advise on how to repair patches on your lawn take a look at our Seasonal Lawn Care Pages below.

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